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My work is more than an act of liberating the soul, I feel and hear deep emotion, almost like a whisper of the intangible. I create shapes and volumes where there the enigma of light emerges along with its shadow becoming a changing compositional element.

Venturing into abstraction, remaining, even for an instant, as an ephemeral reflection, transforming your gaze into an act of love and magic.

Almudena Torró

What I seek through the metal mesh is the expressiveness of vacuum transforming it into a means of expression. My research is based on the space-light relationship and its projected shadows that become changing compositional elements, on the “ethics and aesthetics” of diversity and on the essentialist search for formal and technical simplicity.

My sculptures are experiences that I have lived; they are part of me, of my soul, where the beholder is the co-creator of the final result of the work. I work with abstraction, both occurrence and creative process being relevant, united partially with chance with which I spontaneously correct and decide through dynamic action.

With the Trails Series, I aim to express the passing of life, with its decisions, entering a world of sensations that create a transformation or evolution to get to know your primal essence, and with the Jumble Series, the pain of death in the dual sense of loss, on the one hand of the loved one, and on the other of oneself.

The É – Panta rei series is the result of a journey along “Trails” which have “Jumbles” throughout recent years, in which they have chosen to experience an internal transformation made from love and freedom to value the dignity of each individual, feeling that “everything flows, nothing stops” in this vital experience of continuous change.

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My early stages in art came about because of a search for expressing emptiness, which led me to experimenting with metal mesh until this became a means of expression, until transforming and considering it sculptural material. I rely on the space-light relationship and on the projected shadows that become changing compositional elements. My ethics are based on essentiality, and my aesthetics on diversity.

My research focuses on transformation as a guiding thread through continuous change where nothing remains the same, energy constantly actively destroying and creating, the unfathomable future and the changes occurring in the world of the one’s spirit when facing reality and the passage of time.

I work using sculptural abstraction and construction, both events and processes being relevant in the creation of my works, united partially with chance, with which I spontaneously correct and decide through dynamic action.

My aim is for my work to be self-explanatory, and for the beholder to feel affected and integrated, establishing a communication with a perceptive game and becoming a co-creator of the result of the final work in order to generate an artistic synergy.

The Trails Series talks about the times when you must make a vital decision and choose which path you want to follow. Every decision entails a world of sensations and experimentations that make you evolve internally. The chosen path is the appropriate one to know your primal essence as I consider that one’s Soul vibrates in the frequency of love and freedom, and this leads to self-awareness and self-knowledge.

With the Jumble Series, I attempt to allude, through the metal threads, to the times in life when one loses a loved one and the circumstances that arise from that absence, when you do not know what to do, where to go, and you remain crucially suspended there. These are times for self-analysis, loneliness, mourning, sadness, distress.

I have used aluminium and steel as a thread to symbolise a core connection, at any level, be it spiritual, biological, social, etc., evoking Ariadne’s thread, which is the agent connecting the centre of the labyrinth and guiding one from the world of darkness to the world of light.


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Educational background

2010/2014    Graduated in Fine Arts from the Miguel Hernández University , Elche, Spain.

2007/2009    Master in Expert-Appraiser in Antiquities and Artworks in the Alcalá de Henares University, Madrid, Spain.


Individual exhibitions

2019    Betwen Trails and Jumble , University Headquarters of the City of Alicante, Miguel Hernández Hall.

2019    Undoing the Jumble II, Casa de Cultura, Castalla.

2018    Undoing the Jumble, Casa de Cultura de Sant Joan d´Alacant, Sala Pablo Lau.

2017    Iridescence, ACAS, Elche.

2013    Beginnings, Migas Exhibition Space, Alicante.

Group exhibitions

2021 SCULTO International Fair of Contemporary Sculpture (IV edition), Logroño.

2020    Volta Gallery, Alicante.

2020    Santamaca Gallery, Alicante. 

2020    These days, Tres por cuatro Gallery, Madrid.

2020    Stories of a Confinement (Online), University Headquarters of the City of Alicante .

2019    Contemporary Collective, Abartium Gallery, Calldetenes, Barcelona.

2018/  Natural Stone Sculptures, Levantina-UMH Foundation. 

2017    Itinerance: Center of Interpretation of marble and wine from Pinoso. Cultural Center Gómez Tortosa de  Novelda and Levantina de Novelda Showroom.

2014    10 (Ten) in Porject, Andrés Lambert Arts Center in Jávea, Alicante.

2013    Transits II, House of Culture of Sant Joan d´Alacant.

2013    Transits, Finca la Barberá, Villajoyosa, Alicante.

2011.   Reconstructed spaces 01. Frax Foundation, El Albir, Alicante.

2011    Exhibition of the IV Contest of Abstract Painting, Casa de la Mediterranía, La Nucía, Alicante.

2011    100% Photography, Rip Room, Altea, Alicante.


2020    The Silver Prize, Awesome Art Prizes Spring Edition 2020.


2019    Selected in the XXXI International and Multidisciplinary Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Barcelona.

2017    Finalist in the II Stone Sculpture Awards Fundación Levantina-UMH, Novelda, Alicante.


2020    Jury Member of the 53 Painting Contest, Vila de Sant Joan d´Alacant.

2019    Jury Member of the 52 Painting Contest, Vila de Sant Joan d´Alacant.

2018.   Jury Member of the 51 Painting Contest, Vila de Sant Joan d´Alacant.